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#50: The business side of the law

Friday, Feb 28th 2020

How creative does a law firm need to be to stand out in today’s fast paced society?
You guessed it! On this episode, Jamie talks to José Rodrigues, a lawyer and a young, successful entrepreneur from Toronto, about the challenges of running a law firm as a business, how universities should better approach the business side of starting a law firm, and how technology and social media can make you stand out both in the way you advertise and in the way you practice law.

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About the Podcast

Conversations with artists, entrepreneurs any creative mind we can get our headphones on. 

Hosted by Jamie Iria, graphic designer for over 20 years, owner of the digital media studio Creative 7 Inc, and social media & tech enthusiast.

Co-hosted by his wife Ana Fernandes-Iria, teacher, author and bookworm by nature.

AND, on special occasions, you’ll have the presence of Loki The Westie!

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