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#42: Cybertruck’s amazing marketing strategy

Wednesday, Dec 4th 2019

Let’s talk Cybertruk! Specifically, the marketing strategy behind Tesla’s new truck.
How much value is there in using everyone else’s platform to talk about your product? Well, Elon Musk figured it out! Without spending basically any money in actual marketing dollars, he was able to get the message out VERY WELL.
Jamie and Colin go over the numbers and opinions on this strategy and we also find out if a Creative Spin Cybertruck might be a future possibility! 😉

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Hosted by Jamie Iria, graphic designer for over 20 years, owner of the digital media studio Creative 7 Inc, and social media & tech enthusiast.

Co-hosted by his wife Ana Fernandes-Iria, teacher, author and bookworm by nature.

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